So the big lesson today is when you plant flowers/garden in June because that is the time all the little packets say to and you get slammed by a torrential rain storm over night so now you don’t know what to do…

This whole gardening this has been a major trip for me on multiple levels…it is truly a lesson in learning about detachment…you plant it and wait…I want to make sure everything has a hospitipal environment the best I can…a couple of months ago when my sister and I went to the local garden shop we met a dude name Kermit…yep that is really his name…and he said “you love ’em too much’..

Communicating with Nature everyday and letting her know I know it is her job is helpful…I just brought some of the plants I had so beautifully arranged outside yesterday because they got pummeled by the rain…

Listen, I know they are use to being outside…I just, when the container says ‘full sun’ and there isn’t any isn’t it okay to bring them in…I really desire to grow things, to learn about various plants and such; that’s all…

I don’t know this must sound crazy this is the very first time I have tried to grow something outside of myself…I want them to continue to add color and peace to my environment…

So whether it is loving them too much or not…they were brought in…the lavender and sage and tomato plants and the bee wildflowers are still outside…the others…are inside and we will see…

what a trip.


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