As I’m sitting here eating this

I can hear my head setting up scenarios that will set me up to fail! EXACTLY like when I quite smoking..

Screaming at me about the past relationships I’ve had and how I need to tell them how well I’m doing now..

THAT IS A SET UP!!! And in this moment I ain’t buying what you’re trying to sell me! I am in my bliss eating 4oz of tuna, and 8oz of my own garden grown basil! Yep that’s right I said my own grown basil!

I thank you to leave me alone while I am mindful partaking of a damn good lunch!

PS I won’t be contacting any of the people that you’re trying so hard to get my ego to grasp! I lovingly let all thoughts of past relations, past events and past me float on by! Instead I will grab on to thankfulness, gratitude and deep Love!


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