LOTS to process since the last time I typed. So much going on in the world; so many one-sided, closed minded opinions being flung around like they are gospel; so much mild hatred happening because someone disagrees with your opinion…

I just want peace. Seriously. I really am in a balanced place about who the current President is and the recent women’s march that happened…I know it is unpopular but I have no opinion either way. And I have been told that is wrong; I need to get off the fence and pick a side…

and to that I so ‘no thank you.’

No thank you.

I don’t want to pick a side. I want to see how both voices are valid and important and necessary. If/when I pick a side one is wrong, and one is right. I am working on staying in the middle where all points are welcome.

That creates havoc when I check into Facebook or Twitter. Social media MUST have us divided for it to be of any use…I will not pick a side.

All that to say I have removed two friends from Facebook that I had known (ten years ago) in real time because it is like they have disappeared and all that is known about them is every single thing President Trump has said and every single person’s twist on it.

I want to use social media to spread light. I am not one to share the popular opinion, or sugar coat my dislike of someone because they disagree with me.

I have evolved from that and my soul needs to keep evolving. I do not want to pick sides; and if it comes down to it, I will disconnect again from all social media because I will not. If I cannot be honoured for holding the place of no position, I will not be on social media.

I say BRAVO to anyone who shares how they feel; whether I agree or not…BRAVO!!!!

I have a heavy heart today and I am okay with that.

Sending much light and love out into the Universe.

Lets ALL embrace life with awe and wonder instead of picking sides and spewing a quiet hatred that will eat away at a soul.

Blessed Be.



Cat’s Out of The Bag…

or any other animal that might have been lurking in the bag that I had no idea about…

Well with the ushering in of the new year on this, the third day, I was encouraged to write my journey of living with mental illness…and I did.

Just put hands to the keyboard, haven’t even had coffee yet, and typed out a basic synopsis of what the last 52 years have been like…

eeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkk!! It feels scary and vulnerable and powerful all at the same time. Other people are going to know what I have lived through…people I do not know nor will I ever see are going to know a bit, well the essence really, of who I am…

whew. there is a little girl inside jumping up and doing going ‘yawhooooo she finally did it!!!’ Yep I finally talked about my journey and I feel a bit like I have jumped into the coldest water ever when it is 20 below at…you know that exhilaration that goes with that, well that must go with that….



No more darkness. No more hidden corners of darkness. The sash has been drawn and the window pulled up to let the fresh air come wafting in through the pillars in the attic. It will soon become her solitary place and not the place she runs to to scream and holler and hurt herself.

Goddess has been given permission to move into the attic and protect her…I no longer have to do it; it is no longer me, but Goddess, who will take care of her…I can let all of that go…


Blessed Be )0(


A gentle reminder to the world…as we let go of all the harshness of 2016 and look to start 2017 on a positive may we all practice just a wee bit more kindness….with ourselves firstly, then, it’s like a pebble dropped in a lake, the ripples will go far and wide!!!
Much Love & Peace and Kindness


Hello Friends.

Merry Meet!

Ahhhhh we survived the Christmas stuff….although the last couple of days have been odd with Carrie Fisher & Debbie Reynolds passing away one right after the other…I think that shows what a mama’s love can look like…whew…

So I am growing internally and becoming more grounded in being a practicing Witch everyday and I know a lot of people are terrifyed by that; by the word in itself and for me, all it means is connecting to all that is around me; I pray to The Goddess, I do not worship her. I am thankful for the opportunity to have the spirituality that is me..that fits me…that creates such a peace and love inside of me..I needed to incorporate a female higher power for a long time simply to help me get in touch with my own.

I cannot any longer do the boxed god or the male hierarchy god, or hang out with people who believe that gays deserve gods wrath…I am just not about any of that anymore. I have come to believe that my gifts far exceed any ‘talent’ i had in the christian world. i do not believe that the God of the whole entire Universe is condemning me for any of my choices and it is still so funny to me that for the most part christians believe that they have cornered the market on love simply by whom they say they follow and I believe the divine energy that is God and Goddess are love…no interpretations…no conditions and judgements….just full on love.

THAT is whom I want to follow. I have believed for 25+ years that there is other energies, that there are other levels on this plan and I no longer want to exclude any of them..I am trying desperately to stay away from worshipping anything..it always leads to judgement and condemnation in my world…I desire to travel along side all of the energies that are in my world right now this moment and so for now…that is my chosen path.

I honour the directions, I honour the God and Goddess, and I am thankful all is here to walk with me on my sacred journey. Please don’t leave in the comments how horrible I am or how much I am going to hell simply because I don’t believe as you. I have freed my mind, taken God/dess out of the box and am enjoying life the way I believe God intended all along. Thank you to all of you who have walked with me in all my changes; I honour you.

May this coming year bless you all abundantly.

Blessed Be. )0(


It’s Here! It’s Here!!!!

Winter Solstice is here Friends! This is the sacred day I honour The Virgin, The Maiden and The Crone.

It is the shortest day and the longest night; the most sacred night of the year to go inward; observe all and keep what is useful and discard the rest.

This is the day where the flutes are played, the dancing is done…for the returning of The Sun is well on its way!!!

Happy Holidays. Much Love and Blessed Be 🌛🌚🌜