In this pursuit of kicking myself off of sugar I am experiencing sadness today.

So I have a recent new found love of birds. Apparently came from no where and last year the little ones that fly around here made a nest in one of the complex’s bushes outside my back door and it was so profound for me that I have the nest…

A bit ago some little birds, not the same variety though, made a nest above a camera next to the laundry door and I have just grown to love watching them. The way mama makes the nest and gets the food…a fascinating process to watch.

I just went to see the manager and apparently the maintenance guy, because everything must look good; pressure washed the nest right off where it was at. Last week the mama still had baby(ies) in the nest so I am not sure if there were babies in their today or not.

I just spent a chunk of time watching two birds landing on the camera where the nest use to be only to have it not be there. All this in pursuit of mans dominion over everything. They weren’t, that nest was in a place where it wasn’t hurting a thing. So he said he had to make sure he could see the camera view…the lens was not where the nest was…he could have chose to clean up the sidewalk and leave that one little camera for another time. He did not.

I get tired of the aggressiveness of people, particularly the white male variety, that think that everything must be perfect or that cannot handle letting animals share the same space…I want to say ‘listen mister, they were here long before us. have some respect.’ I don’t. Today I am going to let my heart feel said for those two birds who use to have a home and now don’t because of a pressure washer…I don’t get the ‘i must control everything’ attitude, I mean I understand it but i don’t get it…over a birds nest..

I will not not ever care!!