A New Thing…The Beauty That I See

I think I am going to start a new thing since I am again removing, once and for all, sugar from my life I am going to start sharing a photo a day and call it “The Beauty That I See.”

No matter if it is written or a snap; iPhone or Cannon.

THIS is The Beauty I See for Wednesday June 14, 2017…


It was taken with my Canon t3I. I get to see this plant be its true authentic self every day and it is wonderful…

Doesn’t the inner circle of yellow look like a heart?

Deep Love & Rich Blessings.

Mid-Day Grace

Today has been just a lovely day enjoying knitting outside on my patio; Native Flute music on my computer that is conjuring up all the Life living outside and breathing.

It became apparent to me I’ve had some serious stress going on so I’ve stopped; just stopped! And remembered again to breathe in and out. In and out!

I am grateful that my body said ‘calf rope I’m done’ in such a way as to not be able to ignore anymore! Got both cameras out and used them this weekend; so yeah slowing down for sure!

May the rest of your day be deeply meaningful and enriching!




Easter…New Life…

I just came in from taking some photos, my Canon has been whispering to me ‘Use me. Use me’ so this morning I found my X10 macro filter and went out and took some photos.

I am opening myself up to different concepts with the photos I take now; in other words I really dig photos that are not precise. I don’t like photos that are in the exact middle; not to sure how I feel about the thirds rule all of it…when I got my Nikon in 2010 I vowed to find my own style, to learn about my camera not from what someone taught but from how I took photos and I have succeeded in being non traditional even in my photography.

I am grateful about that. I know my ‘style’, my way of taking photos will appeal to some and be abhorred by others and I am okay with that because it is my own.

So I took the camera out and i will need a tripod for macro work. I have one I just didn’t want to pull it out this morning…

One of my favorite flowers is reaching out to the very edge of its limbs to start blossoming and I snapped a few captions that I really like. New Life, new sprouts are always a beautiful way to share my growth internally as well.

I hope you enjoy this photo and if not…that’s okay! Enjoy the day.


Photo by @THOMM

Mistress Goddess

Say hello to the last full moon of 2015…she was shining so bright in the sky it felt like the path was lit and it was completely dark.

I took this with my Canon; no stand, no filters just raw, unadulterated Moon…yummmmm

Merry Christmas to all, and to ALL a Good Night!!


Make sure and click on photos to see full photo 😀


It has finally rained here….enough for me to hear it on the highway as the cars go by…enough for me to hear it dropping off my patio furniture and ‘plunk’ on the concrete when it lands…

I cannot begin to describe the complete and utter joy this brings my heart this morning; my allergies this morning and just well this is the greatest thing that could happen.

May the simplicity of this day and all that it contains be at your fingertips as well.

Love & Blessings.


Saturday July 25, 2015.