The Beauty That I See…

This is a photo of me 17 days without sugar!!  YAY ME!!!

I woke up and was itching y neck like crazy and this photo is blown out (my forehead and cheeks weren’t that red) and I looked myself in the mirror and told me that I loved me and snapped this ‘before’ photo as a keepsake.

My body AND my brain are currently so at peace with not having sugar in me it is amazing. I am connecting to true, real peace and it is wonderful.

May you all find that inner peace throughout this, the last day of June 2017.

Deep Love & Rich Blessings.




Sock Junkie…

I think it’s happened…

Three pairs in and I’m hooked. Not just because they are a simple project. Not just because  they are quick and easy to ‘kick out’ but rather because the  yarn is so wonderful and actually creating something that I can wear is nothing short of a miracle…for real.

I have ordered 8 skeins (the dark blue one in photo is for my sister) of fingering weight yarn all for the purpose of creating beautiful and happy feet…

I love the simplicity of a sock. I love that once I memorize the pattern, I don’t have to look at it anymore and I can even watch tv when knitting and purling.

I love that I persevered and had to gun-ho-ness to figure out how to finally make socks. I say finally because I have tried several times and it seems like in knitting, as in life, that what I try to do may not be succeeding in the moment because it isn’t the right moment…

So I persevered. I love creating something with my own two hands. I can get as sporadic with colors as I want. It is totally up to me.

I love that.

Perseverance and letting go all at the same October I have made a total of three (plus one) pairs of socks already and I am gonna keep going. It brings me great pleasure…

Now to get my mom’s size foot…

Rainbow Colored yarn is called Unicorn Poop…I mean come on 😛

Much Love




Yep, you read it right. It is a challenge to myself, just because, to write a blog post (BloPo) every day of this month (Mo)!! And the Na is but of course….national.

I have no direction, not going anywhere or working towards a book or anything I am just writing.

I am not sure of the desired result, however, mine is just to see if I can write something on this blog every day.

Today has been a good day, bill paying day always is at my house. And I got to order some Unicorn Poop (didn’t know it was edible, but this is yarn) had a coffee this morning and came home and ordered more yarn (including some for my sister)…AND…I still have money on my bank card…

I am feeling uber grateful about that and very, very blessed for sure.

I am currently working on a variegated sock and I think I am going to watch something…just cuz I can.

May the rest of your day be filled with love and light.



String Art :)

I am very blessed! My chosen sister, Meegan came down with my nephew Sunday and left last night and she is such a beautiful woman. She believes in me and loves me all the time; all the way to the moon and back!!

So the other day in my pursuit of all things creative; I came across something that was popular in the 70’s, made a comeback in the 80’s and 90’s and both times I missed out…until this last week!

I talked to her about how very much I would absolutely dig making string art for my empty living room wall…she has an engineering brain and said ‘okay no problem’! I told her what it looked like we needed and she brought it all…and we went and got some wood scraps and today is the unveiling of my very first piece of string art.

I love the process; it juices my creativity and it is fun…and it seems to be attached, for me, with a lot of emotion (what isn’t) but this is old soul emotion…of which I have yet to figure out..

Having said all that I am only left with TA DA….

1st string Art 7715
…Is ALL that matters!!

Love & Blessings