God Rest…

It’s beginning to look a lot like Yuletide….

Happy December Friends and good morning to you all.

Just passing through on my way to an enriching cup of coffee and getting this sock done I’m working on and wanted to say good morning to all you beautiful souls and wish the the most beautiful day ever!!

Have a wonderful day and continue to be the blessing that you ARE.

Much Love



My sister went home a couple hours ago and we had a great, deep talk. Seems like I am growing more and more real and fond with her. I have been in an active, seeking to know kind of relationship with her for years and I shared stuff with her that no one else knows…which created an unknown putting up my shield with her for the last month (we see each other one day a month)

Yesterday when she arrived and after the crafty show and tell I let it fly out of my mouth that i needed not to correspond with her via email anymore, for a period of time. No telling how long the period of time..she was okay with that and as we continued talking it finally was revealed to me why i felt like i was treading backwards in my relationship with her…because over my birthday weekend i shared stuff with her that i had never talked with anyone about and i had shared a desire with her that i had never told anyone..

it created a loop-da-loop in my mind and i have been pushing away (unconsciously) from her since then. My head had been creating arguments, and reasons to be mad etc until it dawned on me “you shared pretty intimate stuff with her’…i had no what was up until she was in my living room, that the level i shared with her was a bit intimate…it is hard to realize the why of something regarding another person if said person isn’t in my environment…

so when i realized that it was like the wall had come down and it instantly changed, even by a millimeter…still it began to change.

Nothing grows in the dark. I believe that with everything in my heart. I can’t get un-stuck or move forward if i don’t know what is causing the stuckedness…

So the rest will take time. Of which I was reassured she wasn’t going anywhere so it can take all the time necessary….

I am grateful she was here and I am grateful to have my home back.

Thank you so much sweet sister for the Sacred Sister time.

Much Love


Sock Junkie…

I think it’s happened…

Three pairs in and I’m hooked. Not just because they are a simple project. Not just because  they are quick and easy to ‘kick out’ but rather because the  yarn is so wonderful and actually creating something that I can wear is nothing short of a miracle…for real.

I have ordered 8 skeins (the dark blue one in photo is for my sister) of fingering weight yarn all for the purpose of creating beautiful and happy feet…

I love the simplicity of a sock. I love that once I memorize the pattern, I don’t have to look at it anymore and I can even watch tv when knitting and purling.

I love that I persevered and had to gun-ho-ness to figure out how to finally make socks. I say finally because I have tried several times and it seems like in knitting, as in life, that what I try to do may not be succeeding in the moment because it isn’t the right moment…

So I persevered. I love creating something with my own two hands. I can get as sporadic with colors as I want. It is totally up to me.

I love that.

Perseverance and letting go all at the same time..in October I have made a total of three (plus one) pairs of socks already and I am gonna keep going. It brings me great pleasure…

Now to get my mom’s size foot…

Rainbow Colored yarn is called Unicorn Poop…I mean come on 😛

Much Love




Yep, you read it right. It is a challenge to myself, just because, to write a blog post (BloPo) every day of this month (Mo)!! And the Na is but of course….national.

I have no direction, not going anywhere or working towards a book or anything I am just writing.

I am not sure of the desired result, however, mine is just to see if I can write something on this blog every day.

Today has been a good day, bill paying day always is at my house. And I got to order some Unicorn Poop (didn’t know it was edible, but this is yarn) had a coffee this morning and came home and ordered more yarn (including some for my sister)…AND…I still have money on my bank card…

I am feeling uber grateful about that and very, very blessed for sure.

I am currently working on a variegated sock and I think I am going to watch something…just cuz I can.

May the rest of your day be filled with love and light.



Good Morning…

Sometimes I wake up and just feel so disconnected from everyone and everything. Like the dreams I had last night, I ought to have stayed in them instead of woken up at all…

this isn’t a negative thing it is just some mornings it takes a very long minute for the reality to hit me that i am alive, breathing and “here.”

My brother LOVED the scarf I made him, I am so glad I have never knitted anything quite as big as that scarf…

I have my door open and am listening to the earthly chatter outside, going to go immerse myself in it in a bit; my back patio some mornings is just so inviting.

My head is thinking everything and nothing so I am going to say may you have a beautiful day today; no matter if you are scattered or not; always remember that you are hugely loved!!


Yep! That is the scarf that has over 63,000 stitches in it!! It’s ‘home!’